The Wrong Door For 1760 Farmhouse

The Wrong Door

When undertaking a renovation of a 1760 farmhouse on the National Register of Historic Places, do not put pull 6 panel door out of a rack at the big box retailer, cut 3” off the bottom and install it into your opening. The two 1950’s side tables cluttering the front entrance is almost a forgivable offence because they are not permanent fixtures but there is no excuse for the 6 panel door. A little research would show that the original doors were 4 Panel. When in doubt, walk through the house and find the oldest looking door, or walk down the hall 10’ and look left and right. Spending a couple hundred dollars more for a custom made door that matches, adds, or at the very least, maintains value.

The house loses value when the details are done incorrectly. Our eyes may not pick up the inconsistency right away, but our brain is wired to acknowledge that there isn’t something quite right before it diagnoses what the problem is. So the couple hundred dollars saved is turned into losing thousands when it comes time to sell.

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