Original vs Dated – Seventies

Seventies Swingers DenThere is a sweet spot in a home’s history where originality transitions from dated to classic. What we are seeing in today’s market is mid-century homes are coming into vogue. It’s not about waiting a set period of time for a home style to come back, good design always comes back around. However, poor design choices linger when a home doesn’t change ownership for a long period of time and poor design choices will always be poor design choices.

Seventies Carpeted Bathroom
Carpeted Bathroom

There are homes still out there that look like Central Casting’s set design for a seventies porno. The first problem with a 70’s home is that there isn’t a design style that has emerged from that period. There may never be a desirable home style from that era and it is not likely carpeted bathrooms, shag carpeting, wood paneling, and bold red bathroom fixtures will ever be considered stylish. They belong in a landfill. Forty years from now, what will be the embarrassing building material that is now adorning new construction?

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