Not All Old Homes Are Winners

Ugly Old HomesThe old expression, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” can be interpreted more than one way. Naturally, we assume the reference is extolling the virtues of a bygone era but there is always a few head scratchers. So many beautiful old homes are renovated without regard to preserving an architectural style or period, it’s a wonder that after a hundred plus years, an ugly one can escape the reciprocating saw like this one from Nickerson, KS.

Ugly Old HomesThere are interesting features about this old home such as the nice front porch and original woodwork, which appears to be well preserved. The upper porch shows an arch that you might expect to see in a Victorian in contrast with some of the Craftsman features found on the rest of the house. The all white (except for the peeling paint) exterior makes the front of the house look even blander with the excess clapboards due to the small, too few windows. This era of home should have a color change in line with homes of the era, and multiple colors will give the home some life.

The Adams Company VentThe blend of architectural details does not end when you walk through the front door. The stair post are square Craftsman style with Victorian turned spindles and square door casing paired with baseboard that has a milled profile. But one of the coolest features of this house has to be the original round cast iron vent manufactured by The Adams Company of Dubuque Iowa. This is an old home full of original details and appears to be well preserved and at under $40,000, there should be enough money in the budget to give this ugly duckling some love.


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