Craftsman Woodwork and Custom Millwork

Craftsman Millwork WoodworkIn today’s world of stick-on architectural details, it’s always nice to see an untouched Craftsman interior. Architectural design works when the rules that define a particular design are followed and a Craftsman’s simplicity could only be enhanced properly with more simplicity. The evidence of upscale enhancements appears in the blocking that holds up the cornice above the door and capping on the top rail of the wainscoting which lines up perfectly with the vertical elements in the millwork. Typically, these would not exist but the extra money was spent wisely and the reason why it works visually, is that is stays consistent with the square profiles found on all the woodwork.

Consistency also prevails in the built in Craftsman’s cabinetry on the left side of the picture, the inside opening sidelites and the doors on the right which consist of three vertical columns of lites following the same pattern. It proves that is was easier to follow an architectural style when everything was custom built, instead of what is available at the big box retailer. It also proves that when we are willing to follow a set of design principles the results are much more satisfying. Many details on a house are chosen by what’s available instead of what is suitable which is unfortunate because the eye is drawn to elements that are out of character whether or not the mind can identify the infraction.

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