The American Craftsman Home

What sets the American Craftsman Home apart from many other home styles is the art of its simplicity. It’s not theAmerican Craftsman  quantity of ingredients that build the flavor, it is the quality of the ingredients that creates a lasting impression. It’s like the pizza joint that makes up for a lousy crust by generously adding more toppings to mask the deficiency.

American CraftsmanThere is a lot to look at in an American Craftsman Home but it’s not elaborate. Repairs to the woodwork are doable for the average woodworker. The challenge is to not do too much. Use the right materials and replace what was there with the same. Mismatched woodwork sticks out because it’s unexpected. An elaborate decorative moulding will draw our attention and while our mind may not identify the problem immediately, it will recognize something is out of place. Resist the temptation of the house flipper shows to paint the trim white and the walls beige or grey.


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