1880 Southern Antebellum For Sale In Utica MS

Southern AntebellumThis 1880’s Antebellum mansion, at just under 5,000 square feet, sits on 12 acres in Mississippi where you can pretend to preside over your plantation. It’s important to remember that this house was built after the Civil War so any temptation to implement slavery will be unwelcome. You will need a host of workers to bring this beauty back to her original glory, but you will have to pay them.

Southern AntebellumThere is original stained glass windows on street side with 10 exterior columns that appear to be original. The siding and soffit should be wood and it appears to be a vinyl or aluminum which would indicate the need for some repairs. I suspect the soffits will show the effects of a leaky roof.

Southern AntebellumThe house features 12’ ceilings on the main floor, and 10’ ceilings on the upper floor accessed by a carved walnut staircase or the slave’s staircase in back.  The doors, windows, millwork and hardware all appear to be original and in good condition but there is water damage that needs to be addressed. It would have been quite a house when it was built and should be brought back to original.

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